Beef Serunding Asli Kampung Laut (250 Grams)

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Serunding (Floss), also known as meat wool or meat floss, is a dried meat product with a light and fluffy texture similar to coarse cotton. Floss is used as a topping for many foods, such as congee, tofu and savoury soy milk. It is also used as a filling for various savoury buns and pastries. It pairs well as a topping for baked goods filled with bean paste.

Chicken Floss On Bun

If you are looking for a Malaysian made floss, then you must try SERUNDING ‘ASLI KAMPUNG LAUT BONDA’ (MEAT/CHICKEN/FISH FLOSS) By Seraya Garage Enterprise. Their floss is a superhit in Malaysia as it is made in the traditional way without compromising taste or texture.  Very suitable for travellers and students as it is naturally preserved and it is packed in such a manner that it is convenient to be carried anywhere.

Seraya Garage Enterprise has released their Floss in the following variety:

  • Beef

Have it with hot steamed rice, creamy soups, porridge and even make a sandwich out of it with a touch of mayo and chilli sauce.

 Each weighs 250g



Serunding – Savoury Beef Floss

What is Serunding [WIKIPEDIA]

Serundeng refers to a side dish or condiment to accompany rice in Indonesian and Malay languages. Serundeng may taste sweet, or hot and spicy according to recipe variants.

Its best known variant is an Indonesian preparation of sautéed grated coconut mixed with spice and other ingredients. The spiced shredded toasted coconut can be mixed with peanuts, and used as a condiment to add flavour, or as a garnish sprinkled upon rice-based dishes, such as steamed rice, lontong, ketan sticky rice, and burasa; or upon traditional soto soups. Serundeng can also considered as a separate dish if mixed with main ingredients, such as serundeng daging which is fried meat, usually beef, served in this serundeng spiced coconut floss. 

What is Serunding made from? [WIKIPEDIA[

Grated coconut flesh forms the essential part of serundeng in Indonesian cuisine.[4] Freshly shredded coconut, instead of grated coconut left over from making coconut milk, gives a richer taste. The coconut flesh should be young coconut with a firm texture, and grated to create long pieces.[5] To make serundeng, spices and seasonings like onions, chili peppers, garlic, onion, coriander, turmeric, sugar, tamarind, bay leaves (daun salam), lime leaves (daun jeruk purut), and galangal are ground to a paste and fried.[6] Then, grated coconut is sauteed (fried with minimal or without oil) until golden brown, and mixed with the seasoning paste. Roasted peanuts might be added for additional crunchy texture and taste.


Serunding – Savoury Beef Floss

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6 reviews for Beef Serunding Asli Kampung Laut (250 Grams)

  1. Eva

    It’s delicious. You will seriously need more than one bag. Shipping is fast considering its direct from Malaysia. Used free shipping so was affordable as well.

  2. Jass

    On rice, on toast, by itself. SEDAP

  3. Cleo

    Just discovered this shop and all these Malaysian goodies, I almost can’t believe it. Free shipping I just got a bunch of these!

  4. Anonymous

    Good communication from seller. Not tried the serunding yet but looks delicious

  5. Yoon LOKE

    Delicious product, very authentic taste.

  6. Anonymous

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