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Beef dendeng comes across as a fairly complicating dish to cook. Dark, with a hint of spicy sweetness. It is often the star attraction during Eid, weddings, gatherings and even daily meals. It can only be made by the most experienced kitchen experts.

But now, we have prepared this special recipe of beef dendeng just for you. Just warm up this ready to eat dish and savour it with steamed rice, bread of all kinds, ketupat (boiled rice cakes) and pulut (steamed glutinous rice). It goes well as a garnish for rich creamy soups, porridge and even salads.


Beef Dendeng is preserved through a mixture of sugar and spices and dried through the frying process. It is similar to beef jerky. Dendeng was originally founded by the MinangKabau people. When they had a lot of beef in stock, they often made  Dendeng. It was made dry so that it could be kept and eaten for days. Plus, they brought it with them when they traveled.

Our  dendeng is ready to be eaten straight from the pack and needs no refrigeration. If you want, you can slightly warm it up.  Just soak the pack in boiling hot water for 5 minutes or place it in the microwave for 2 minutes.

This dish is ready to be eaten and a great on-the-go dish!

How About Making An Instant Beef Dendeng Burger?


Onion (cut into rings)

Tomato (cut into thick juicy slices)

Mayonnaise Or Thousand Island Dressing

Lettuce Or Greens Of Your Choice


Beef Dendeng

Burger Buns

Chilli or Tomato Sauce (optional)


Cut the buns into halves

In a frying pan, toast the buns slightly

Spread butter generously on the buns while still warm

Spread Mayonnaise Or Thousand Island Dressing on the buns now

Start layering your buns with the greens, tomato, onion and dendeng. Chilli or Tomato Sauce (optional)

Enjoy your burger while still warm

Note: no measurements are given as the sky’s the limit when experimenting something new with some things from the pantry and refrigerator. Start small and build your way up.

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