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Telekung Delayla by Telekung De Humaira


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What is Telekung  …?

The most used muslimah prayer set by asean countries i.e. Malaysia , Singapore , Indonesia , southern Thailand including Brunei. Its a special clothes used during prayer time only. 

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700g per set

Telekung is a prayer garment, usually worn by Muslim women, consisting of two pieces. A  loosely-draped one-piece hijab that extends to the knees and a long skirt that hides the feet. When it comes to prayer time, the much-preferred telekung in Malaysia is the Telekung Delayla Deluxe. There is no surprise in this as this telekung comes with many benefits.

Here are some of them :

  1. The Telekung Delayla Deluxe is made from a non transparent cotton material from Japan. This material is cooling and very comfortable to wear.
  2. It comes in a set of 3 comprising of the telekung,long skirt  and a cute zip bag can be used as Mini Sejada.
  3. It is very travel friendly and compact, thus It can be easily carried around in your luggage.
  4. It comes in many exclusive and attractive designs, colours and patterns.
  5. The cute zip bag can also function as a mini prayer mat.
  6. The telekung(hijab) fits snugly, and comfortably according to the face structure of the person wearing it.
  7. It is made from a stretchable material with an elastic band that goes behind the head. Thus, the telekung stays in place during prayer time and does not slip and fall off.
  8. The telekung and the zip bag is made from the same material which comes in an attractive design.
  9. It is very suitable to be given as a gift to your loved ones, as a wedding gift or just for personal use.
  10. It is very suitable for women up to 170cm in height.

With so many benefits like these, why wouldn’t Telekung Delayla Deluxe be a favourite among muslim women. Get one today and feel the difference in comfort during prayer time.