Aromatheraphy Oil or Bidara Syifaa Oil (60g) by Shedear Inspire


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Bidara syifa oil is suitable for all ages! Fresh and comfortable oil smell!

Benefits Of Sidr Leaves (Daun Bidara)
⭐Protects Against Many Diseases
Antioxidants in Sidr leaves protect the body from the risk of cancerous tumours. It protects the liver from the risk of disease. The leaves are considered an effective treatment for anaemia. It also addresses many problems related to oral diseases and gingivitis.
⭐Helps Relieve Aches
Sidr leaf helps relieve various pains because it contains linoleic acid which is important and necessary to maintain a healthy body. The soaked leaves are used to relieve the pain of arthritis.
⭐Relieves Stomach Problems
It treats heartburn and helps clean the stomach of harmful toxins. It also has a strong ability to rid the digestive system of intestinal worms, as well as treat diarrhoea and help to get rid of gas and bloating.
⭐Treatment of Respiratory Diseases
Sidr leaves treat diseases related to the respiratory system such as chest and respiratory diseases. They are also useful for sore throat. Sider powder helps to eliminate phlegm.
⭐Gets Rid of Toxins
Sidr leaf helps to purify the body and blood of toxins, impurities, and harmful bacteria.
⭐Aids with Sleep and Relaxation
Sidr leaves to treat many sleeping disorders such as insomnia. The leaves contribute to rapid sleep. Many studies have shown that drinking Sider tea once a day before sleep helps get rid of anxiety, tension, and insomnia.
⭐Calms the Nerves
It also calms the nerves and relaxes the body as well. It treats many psychological problems such as stress and anxiety.
⭐Revives the Body
At the same time, the leaf increases the energy and vitality of the body and gets rid of fatigue, tiredness, laziness and keeps you full of energy throughout the day. As well as maintain muscle health and strength.
⭐Refreshes the Body
In addition, it boosts the body and helps to relieve the body’s high temperature. And also, reduces the feeling of thirst during hot days.
⭐Helps Treat Skin Diseases
Sidr leaves help to treat skin diseases such as scabies and stops, and the spread of blisters. As well as treat acne and remove acne scars from the face without having any negative side effects on the skin. It also soothes wounds and skin infections.
⭐Treats Excessive Sweating
The leaves limit the problem of excessive sweating that affects many people, especially in the summer.
⭐Aids with PMS
Sidr leaves help treat menstrual irregularities and support the health of the female reproductive system. Sidr tea is also used for the treatment of PMS.
⭐Keeps Mother and Fetus Healthy
The fruit of the Sidr maintains the health of the pregnant woman and her fetus because it contains important elements and vitamins, as well as opens the appetite of pregnant women. But it is advisable to consume Sidr in a very low amount so as not to cause problems during pregnancy.
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