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DETOX TEA BY MAMA JAMU (ALL NATURAL) by Erin Sweeter Enterprise (Pack of 2)



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Mama Jamu’s detox tea is a traditional herbal beverage that is nutritious enough for the well being of our body. The detox tea is made of 100% naturally grown herbs and  ingredients such as  dried prunes, rose, stevia and lemon. These herbs and the dried ingredients are packaged to make the  detox tea. Each sachet contains 100% raw materials with no added preservatives. Every herb that was used in this Detox tea, has its own unique nutrients.

These nutrients from the herbs in the Detox tea help in flattening the stomach, removing belly fat, cleansing the colon, treating constipation, managing gastritis, managing diabetes, cleansing of the blood, detoxifying, reducing cholesterol, controlling blood pressure , improving blood circulation and raising energy level. Try Mama Jamu’s Detox tea today and you will feel and see the difference in  you. You will feel light, cleansed from within with a boost in energy level. City dwellers will enjoy using this detox tea to get rid of impurities from the body.


 Senna Leaf, Stevia, Rosebud, Cassia Seed, Chrysanthemum, Red Dates, Hawthorn.


30g per pack x 2