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Aishaa Basic Shawl ( CODE AIS111 )

Everyone has someone on their holiday list to buy for who seems to have everything they need, or tells people they don’t want anything. What do you buy a person like that, so that you can still give them a meaningful gift or token of appreciation? A unique scarf or shawl!  Women around the world love what scarves and shawls add to their lives, making them a mainstay throughout history and the world. Scarves and shawls take one’s fashion to a whole new level, adding a whole lot of personality. When you shop for ideal gifts,  it’s a good idea to consider scarves, shawls and wraps.

Then you must keep a look out for  AISHAA’s BASIC SHAWL by Zanrias Boutique Enterprise. Made from high quality panorra chiffon material that is exclusive and it comes studded with original Swarovski rhinestones to give that extra glamour. This is an easy to drape shawl which easily transforms your look to suit your clothing. It is very flowy and comfortable to drape during wear. The most important factor that draws many to this shawl is the price.

Each weighs 100g


Here are 5 reasons why scarves make the perfect holiday gift:

Warmth. As the temperatures dip around the country, people will be reaching for accessories to help keep them feeling warm and cozy. Scarves offer a great way for women to stay warm and comfortable, whether going indoors or out. They are perfect for any season and are great for travel.

Individuality. Scarves add a layer of uniqueness to each person who wears them. They come in a wide array of colors, patterns, and looks, giving people the ability to help showcase a bit of their style and personality. Scarves help women keep their wardrobe to a minimum, while maximizing their style and look. Scarves are known for helping women to feel more attractive and unique.

Fashion. Those who like to be fashionable will love being able to wear a high end fashion scarf, shawl, or wrap. They help to set the trends, set people apart, and are for the fashion-forward. For some people who wear scarves, it’s all about the fashion statement they make, and that they are a staple wardrobe piece that easily transforms any outfit.

Versatility. There is a lot of versatility when it comes to scarves. They can be used in many different ways, including letting them dangle, folding them over into a necklace style, wearing it in a cowl, and the classic loop. There are numerous ways to wear them, giving people many different looks. One can never have enough scarves, and they offer endless possibilities. When it comes to which scarves women prefer, their areas of importance include color, the materials that it is made of, the pattern design, and the shape of the scarf.

Longevity. Scarves are long-lasting gifts. Those who have scarves tend to keep and wear them for many years. Beautiful scarves that were special gifts can become heirloom items. Many women feel that wearing a scarf helps them feel more put together, which keeps them aiming to make it a long term part of their look. In fact, they grow to feel that their scarf is an essential part of their wardrobe.


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