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Chocolate chip cookies are the perfect snack

You can eat them when they are warm and right out of the oven or you can save them for a few days and still enjoy them just as much. Perfect with a glass of milk, chocolate cookies can be enjoyed after school, just before bed and during any season of the year. They are just as good when it is freezing cold outside as they are in the middle of summer.

Chocolate chip cookies are the most famous kind of cookies as everyone has eaten one before. You can find them in every grocery store and bakery you enter. Chocolate chip cookies are great because they are made with a few simple ingredients, most of which you have in the house all the time.

Are you craving to have a chocolate chip cookie now? Then, you must try  ‘Afrosian’ Chocolate & Dark Chocolate Chip Cookies by Afrosian Ventures. These cookies are crunchy, soft and less sweet. Made with only natural premium baking ingredients with no preservatives. Just pop one into your mouth and after that you cant stop. Yummy, tasty and nostalgic as it would bring you back to your childhood days.


Chocolate chip

Flour, Sugar , Butter, Brown Sugar, Eggs , Salt , Cocoa Powder, Nut Powder And Chocolate Chips               

Dark chocolate chip

Flour, Sugar, Brown Sugar, Chocolate Chip, Butter, Dark Cocoa Powder, Eggs, Salt And Nut Powder

Both Flavours – 460g (230g x 2)

Each weighs 230g