NEW Aloe Vera Hero Gel | with Organic Aloe Vera


NEW Aloe Vera Hero Gel | with Organic Aloe Vera

NEW Aloe Vera Hero Gel | with Organic Aloe Vera | Scent Free

Quench your skin and hair like never before with our multi-tasking Aloe Vera Hero Gel. This light-weight, easily absorbed organic gel moisturiser will be your new best friend when you need to soothe troublesome skin flare-ups or add a boost to your beauty regime.


Use me for…

– Cooling & Soothing Skin
– Improved Skin Hydration
– Eczema, Psoriasis or Irritation
– Acne & Acne Scarring
– Bruises, Insect Bites & Inflammation
– Nappy Rash – Razor Burn
– Oil-Free Moisturiser
– Makeup Primer
– Soothing Itchy Scalp
– Light-hold Hair Styling
– Natural Curl Definer
– Leave-in Hair Conditioner
– Seal Split Ends
– Add Softness & Body


Organic Aloe Vera’s high content of proteins, vitamins and minerals work to re-condition your skin & hair, locking in essential nutrients and hydration whilst encouraging healthy cell renewal and supporting the natural healing processes/ All this is delivered in our light-weight organic gel which sinks in easily to leave your skin smooth, fresh & glowing.
For all skin types, ages & genders. Also suitable for babies & use during pregnancy. Free from essential oils & artificial fragrance.


What does PHB stand for?

Pure. Handmade. British.

Where we make our products…

Our manufacturing unit is  in the South of England and is family owned and operated. This is where we produce all PHB Skin, Body & Hair care products. We also produce ranges for exclusive spas, salons and skin care clinics, all made to our strict ethical standards. All our products are handmade. We think that it’s better to have people rather than machines doing these jobs because they can give extra loving care and greater attention to detail ensuring you get the highest quality products. Many companies  use machinery to keep costs low but we believe in people over profit!

Our new cosmetics range is from our sister facility in Canada, where we have a team of experts in formulating and manufacturing 100% natural vegan cosmetics. Both of our facilities are audited and certified to the highest international standards and independently inspected by the various certification bodies we work with, including The Vegan Society, Cruelty Free International, PETA and UHA.

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Ways to use yours…

1. Use daily as a moisturiser for face & body.
2. Apply directly on problem areas (such as eczema, sunburn, burns or irritated skin) as often as needed.
3. Use as a skin primer before applying makeup.
4. Finger through wet or dry hair to condition & seal split ends.
5. Finger through wet or dry hair to add gentle hold and definition
6. Great for curly hair.
7. Massage into scalp to soothe irritation (Then wash with shampoo to remove)


When to use yours…

For face:

We recommend applying this product directly to clean skin, or after cleansing or toning.
You can combine with your favourite PHB moisturiser for added hydration. The gel should be applied first. Allow time for the gel to sink in fully before applying moisturiser.
This product can be used to replace your moisturiser if you prefer a lighter, non-creamy option. It’s also good for hotter climates.

For body:

We recommend applying this product directly to clean skin.

For hair/scalp:

You can apply to either wet or dry hair depending on your desired look. It conditions hair without feeling heavy or crunchy. Give it a try!

Handmade with love | For all skin types, ages & genders | Suitable for babies & use during pregnancy | Free from essential oils & artificial fragrance.

Eco-friendly Packaging

Size = 150ml

PET Squeeze Bottle with Wooden Cap


How to recycle our packaging: PET bottles are 100% recyclable. Caps are not recyclable (due to mixed materials) and should be disposed of separately.