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What is Sidr?

A modern Qur’an commentary entitled Tafsīr al-karīm al-raḥman fī tafsīr kalām al-manān by Abd ar-Rahman ibn Nasir as-Sa’di, while commenting on Quran 53:14, the Sidrat al-Muntahā, (Lote-Tree of the Extremity) explained

It [the Sidrat al-Muntahā] is a very large Tree (شَجَرَة – shajarah) beyond the 7th heaven. It is named the Sidrat al-Muntahā because there terminates at it whatever ascends from the earth and whatever descends [from heaven] including what comes down from God, including waḥy (divine inspiration) and other things besides. Alternatively, [it might be said that this name is because] it is the Uttermost Extremity or the very end of something [ or Boundary] (اِنْتِهاء – intihā’ which is one of the many Arabic words for the word end) for the knowledge of the creatures approaching it, relative, that is, to its Existent Being [as located] above the heavens and the earth. So it is al-Muntahā (the Extremity, Boundary) with respect to [all human] modes of knowledge (عُلُوم – ʻulūm) or other things besides. And God is best informed [of this matter]. Thus [it was that] Muhammad saw Gabriel in that location (الْمَكَان – al-makān) which is the Domain of the Pure and Beautiful, Elevated [celestial] Souls (مَحَلُّ الْأَرْوَاحُ الْعُلُوِيَّةُ الْزَّكِيَّةُ الْجَمِيلِيَّة – maḥall al-arwāḥ al-ʻuluwiyyah al-zakiyyah al-jamīliyyah)…

— (As-Saʻdi, Tafsir, 819).

Abdullah Yusuf Ali, whose The Holy Qur’an: Text, Translation and Commentary are among the most widely known English versions of the Qur’an, explained that this tree “marked the bounds of heavenly knowledge as revealed to men, beyond which neither Angels nor men could pass.

George Sale, the 18th-century English scholar, has “beyond which Angels themselves must not pass; or, as some rather imagine, beyond which no creature’s knowledge can extend.” The sale also notes that one commentator states that line 16 refers to the “host of angels worshipping” around the tree and another that it is about the birds which sit on its branches.

The 19th-century English explorer, Richard Burton reported seeing an ancient Sidr tree in the mosque containing Muhammad’s tomb in Medina. It was in a garden dedicated to Muhammad’s daughter Fatimah. The fruit from the tree was being sold to pilgrims and its leaves used for washing dead bodies.


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360gm per pack

Just as you clean your body each day, it’s important to refresh your ‘energy aura‘ as well. Make a habit of cleaning your energy aura with Sidr Lemon Organic Scrub.

This scrub is home-made with all-natural ingredients like salt, extra virgin olive oil, lemon extract, nigella sativa (Habbatu Sauda) oil and sidr oil. Apply this scrub on areas of your body and wait for 20 mins. After that wash off the scrub by taking a shower.

Feel all the day’s negative energy slowly being washed away. After this, your true self and natural positive energy that revitalizes you remains. Like a clean window that allows the bright light to shine through it. Try it today and feel the difference. Let your inner glow shine and radiate a beautiful aura after using Sidr Lemon Organic Scrub.