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Latok Pop Pop Shrink (Seagrapes With Green Sauce)




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Latok Pop Pop Shrink come in the form of a very flexible Ziplock Bag. Each bag consist of 1 packet of seagrapes and 1 packet of green sauce. Latok pop pop is product of seagrapes that uses SHRINK technology to maintain and preserve seagrapes. Our seagrapes are cultured and taste less fishy compare to the wild ones, makes it easier to eat even for children. With the combination of green sauce mades Latok Pop Pop the tastier snacks for all.

What are the advantages of LATOK POP POP?
– Lasts longer.
– 100% Organic & safe to eat.
– Suitable for vegetarian.
– No risk of damage if post.
– Can be stored at room temperature and in the refrigerator.
– Travel friendly.
– Green sauce made suits malaysian taste.

Seagrape Ingredients:- Seagrapes and salt.
Green sauce ingredients:- green chili, garlic, vinegar, sugar, salt and permitted preservative

Preparation Method:-
1. Soak latok (seagrapes) in cold water + ice cubes for 3 minutes until it is fully expanded.
2. Rinse the latok according to your taste level as below:-
a) Salty: 1x time rinse
b) Less salty: 2x rinses
c) Not salty: 3x rinses
3. Ready to eat with pop pop green sauce.
* The best way to eat is to dip the latok into the sauce, do not pour the sauce over the latok (seagrapes).
4. 1 bag suitable for 1-2 persons.

Latok Pop Pop each bag:- 120 +- gram + special green sauce
Contents of 1 bag of Latok Pop Pop:
– Weight of seagrapes before soaking 35-40grams.
– Weight of seagrapes after soaking 90-100grams.
– Weight of green sauce 50-55grams.