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Kaya - Honey Coconut Jam

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Kaya – Honey Coconut Jam
[Pack of 2] 

More about Kaya [WIKIPEDIA]

The word for coconut jam in the Malay languagekaya, means rich, referencing the texture of the popular food. For Malaysians, Indonesians and Singaporeans, kaya,[4] also called srikaya (coconut egg jam), is a sweet creamy coconut spread made from coconut milk (locally known as santan) and duck or chicken eggs (which are flavored with pandan leaf and sweetened with sugar). The resulting color varies depending on the color of the egg yolks, the amount of pandan, and the extent of the caramelization of the sugar. As a popular local spread, kaya is typically spread on toast to make roti bakar and eaten in the morning,[5] but is also enjoyed throughout the day. Kaya can be found in most kopitiam and night markets.[citation needed]

In Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia, kaya is also used as a topping for several desserts including pulut taitai or pulut tekan, a dessert of sweet glutinous rice colored blue with butterfly pea flowers (bunga telang), and pulut seri muka, a similar dessert but colored green due to adding pandan leaves. It is also used with glutinous rice to make kuih seri kaya.

Kaya – Honey Coconut Jam

Kaya – Honey Coconut Jam

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1 review for Kaya – Honey Coconut Jam

  1. Shrivatsa Ramsay

    I have missed kaya so much. I would love to see more pandan kaya on here.

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Vendor Information

It’s breakfast time and you are having your toast  with a cup of tea or coffee .  But you are tired of all the fruit preserves and jams available in the market. Your mouth is craving for something smooth, velvety and coconutty. Yes, your mouth is craving for ‘Kaya’ the Asian version of a jam. Kaya is a sweet coconut custard made with coconut milk and sugar, thickened with egg and often flavoured with pandan leaf. It’s popular throughout South-East Asia, particularly in Malaysia. To add on to this yummy velvety and custardy goodness, if your hot toast is topped with cold cuts of salted butter, your toast would be alleviated to a whole new dimension in food experience.

To bring you this joy in a bottle, ‘NN One Supplies & Services  has whipped up ‘NADHO‘ HONEY COCONUT SPREAD just for you. Silky and smooth coconut spread prepared from quality fresh eggs, fresh coconut milk, honey and permitted Food Conditioner. It tastes wonderfully good and delicious on toasted or untoasted bread, pancakes, waffles and crackers. It even gives a great taste for fillings in buns, pastries and desserts. It is all natural with no added colouring, preservative or artificial flavours. Go on! I know you are craving to try this goodness in a jar.


Pack of 2 – 560g

Each bottle weighs 280g