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1 Pack of 100g
High-quality Halal Beef Gelatine. Ideal grade gelatine, perfect for use in desserts, Jellies, Cheesecakes, Marshmallows, Soufflés, mousses & MORE. Heavenly Delights Gelatine powder is produced in environmentally friendly and state of the art award-winning production facilities by a pioneer in manufacturing HALAL Gelatine throughout the Muslim World. As usual, we adhere to the most stringent Halal criteria when producing our products. Our Gelatine Powder is Halal certified by:
• Halal Monitoring Committee UK (HMC)
• the South African National Halal Authority (S.A.N.H.A)
• Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia (Islamic Development Department Of Malaysia)
Grade: 166-180 bloom 
Expiry date: 01/03/2021

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Beef Gelatine on Islamic views
As far as the Islamic ruling on beef gelatine is concerned, Dr Su`aad Salih, professor of Fiqh at Al-Azhar Univ. Gives the following Fatwa:

“Beef gelatine is a brittle substance extracted by boiling bones, hoofs, and animal tissues. So it depends on the animal itself. If it is an animal whose meat is Halal, such as cow, camel, sheep and so on, then gelatin is Halal, and so is the case with all foods prepared from it. However, if the animal is of Haram meat such as pigs, then the gelatin made of it is unlawful.

Gelatine is Halal unless it is derived from an animal whose meat is Haram to consume. This is the ruling on gelatin extracted from animals. As for vegetable and artificial gelatin, they are Halal and there is nothing wrong with eating and using them”.
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Let us all learn how heavenly delights followed SANHA (South African National Halal Authority) requirement.  

 Heavenly Delights Halal Certification

  • 1. The gelatine used for production must be checked and approved. This entails auditing the gelatine facility to ensure the process of gathering bones is carried out from authorised slaughterhouses, who are slaughtering (performing Zabihah) according to Islamic Shariah compliancy, with complete traceability.
  • 2. All ingredients used in the production should be documented and approved by the certifying body before production can take place; this includes any cleaning liquids which are used to cleanse the machinery and apparatus that will be used during the production run.
  • 3. An audit of the plant/factory where the confectionery will be produced. This includes verifying the procedures they have in place for storage (pre & post-production), production processes and systems to monitor conformity. Also what systems they have in place to eliminate any form of contamination during the production process.
  • 4. Checking of packaging machines and materials used. Ensure that systems are in place to prevent the confectionery from being mixed or contaminated with non approved products that are present in the same factory.
  • 5. During production an inspector should be present to verify everything is in order and all requirements of the certifying body are adhered to.

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1 review for HALAL BEEF GELATINE POWDER by Heavenly Delights

  1. Miskiah

    I was happy to get my parcel delivered in good time. The comunnication with you regarding the delivery was great. Hope to order more from soon.
    Thank you

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